Removing a Spelling List from the Database

To remove one or more lists from the SpellQuizzer database click the "Edit a spelling list" button on the SpellQuizzer main screen. The Select List to Edit screen will be displayed listing all currently existing spelling lists in the SpellQuizzer database. You can click on a spelling list in the displayed list and then click the "Remove Selected List" button to remove the list permanently.

If the word you are removing is not being used in any other spelling list you will be asked whether or not you wish to leave the word in the SpellQuizzzer database. When you remove a word from a spelling list but leave it in the database it becomes an orphaned word. You can still add these words to other spelling lists by using the "Click to select existing words from database" button on the Create List screen. If you opt to delete the word from the database then it won't be available to be added to other spelling lists.

To delete orphaned words completely from the database see the Deleting Orphaned Words topic.