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Spelling Software for Schools

The SpellQuizzer spelling software is ideal for use in both individual classroom computer stations as well as in a school’s computer lab. SpellQuizzer can be tailored to complement any spelling curriculum. SpellQuizzer practices one-on-one with the student quizzing them on their spelling words. Teachers can create custom spelling lists for their classes as well as individual lists for students needing extra practice on their problem words.

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Using SpellQuizzer in the classroom

Teachers can input their weekly spelling lists into SpellQuizzer making sound recordings of the individual words with a PC microphone. Just about any PC microphone will work (including inexpensive models selling for less than $10 in department stores). For each word in a spelling list the teacher records the word using it in a sentence. If a microphone is not available, the teacher can enter a reminder phrase for each word to prompt the student (for example, the reminder phrase for the word “house” might be “A building a family lives in.”).

A short video demonstration of how a spelling list is created in SpellQuizzer can be viewed here.

Once a spelling list has been created on the computer, the students can take turns using SpellQuizzer to practice their spelling words. If sound recordings were made for the words then the student would wear headphones. SpellQuizzer quizzes each student on the words in their list by playing the sound recording for each spelling word and/or displaying the word’s reminder phrase. Mistakes are corrected by playing an amusing sound and displaying the correct spelling. Once the student has completed the list, the software prompts them to re-try any words they missed.

A short video demonstration of spelling practice with SpellQuizzer can be viewed here.

Using SpellQuizzer in a computer lab

SpellQuizzer can be used in a computer lab in the same way it is used in the classroom. Multiple spelling lists can be stored in the SpellQuizzer database to accommodate multiple classes and curriculums. The database can be stored at a network location all the computers in the lab can access. This way you need only create one central database and don’t need to duplicate spelling lists for use on more than one computer. The SpellQuizzer database is a single file that can easily be backed up.

Sharing spelling lists with home users

Students can practice at home with SpellQuizzer if their parents have purchased a home license for SpellQuizzer. Teachers can create export files of the lists they create and make them available to parents either via download from a web site or by sending them as email attachments. Home users can then import the list or lists from the exported file and have both the spelling lists and sound recordings for use in their copy of SpellQuizzer.

Volume Pricing

Site licenses for schools are available at discounted volume rates. The price for a school site license varies depending on how many computers the software will be installed on. Please contact us with the approximate number of computers that SpellQuizzer will be used on to get a price quote.

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