Better than traditional spelling games

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"My son got a 100 on his spelling test today. This was accomplished solely using SpellQuizzer. He had fun using it late into the night. Usually there's screaming, crying and fits thrown learning the words. Thank you so much for lowering my stress level!!!"
- Angelia Davenport,
  mother of 5th grade boy

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Better than traditional spelling games!

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The first problem with most spelling games is that they just can't compete with all the other commercial games vying for your child's attention. Those games are made for optimum flash and fun with no intent to educate. An educational game divides its efforts between trying to educate while still being as fun as the latest hit video game. Let's face it: diet cola will never be as sweet as regular cola. So also spelling word games on the computer will never be as fun as Halo or World of Warcraft. Not without compromising their educational value. The second problem with most spelling games is since they are compromising in an attempt to be more fun, they aren't as flexible and customizable for your child's needs. SpellQuizzer is different!

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How is SpellQuizzer different?
SpellQuizzer is more than just a kid's game. With SpellQuizzer, you enter your own custom list of spelling words. Use the words from the child's weekly class spelling lists or create your own collection of "problem words" that your child is struggling with. You Just type in the words you want your child to learn, make audio recordings of the words in SpellQuizzer, and
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let the software practice the words with your child. The exercise is engaging because the child is hearing mom or dad's voice coming from the computer. You can record using a funny voice or use each word in an amusing sentence. SpellQuizzer makes spelling practice fun even though it isn't a traditional spelling game. All the child knows is it is a fun way to learn their spelling words. Just a few minutes a day Monday through Friday and your child is ready to ace his or her end of week spelling test at school.

Not only can you create your own spelling lists with SpellQuizzer, you can also download our many free downloadable lists. You can share your lists with other SpellQuizzer users as well as import lists others have made. Click here to download and try SpellQuizzer free for 30 days.

Click here to see a video demonstration showing how easy it is to create a word list and practice with SpellQuizzer.

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Purchase SpellQuizzer 100% risk free. If you are not satisfied with the software just request a full refund within 60 days of your purchase and your money will be returned to you. You can purchase SpellQuizzer risk free for $29.95 here.

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