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"My daughter took 1st place in our county's 35th annual Spelling Bee with over 4,100 participants! She couldn't have done it without SpellQuizzer!"
- Julieanne M.

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How do you prepare for a spelling bee? Practice! Practice! Practice! The best way to practice is not reading through dictionaries or writing out words from a prep list. In spelling bees the words are spoken to the participant. Word recognition from visual perception (reading or "seeing" the word) doesn't replicate the experience of having words called to you in a spelling bee. In the past, students practiced by having another person read words to them. SpellQuizzer is a better way to practice. With SpellQuizzer the computer calls out the words through its speakers or headphones much as a spelling bee proctor would prompt one in a competition.

Use our free, prerecorded spelling bee preparation lists"

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SpellQuizzer quizzes the student on their words, one at a time. SpellQuizzer checks the spelling for each word entered. If a mistake was made it corrects the student. At the end of the list the student is re-quizzed on any words they missed.

With SpellQuizzer, it's easy to set up custom spelling bee lists. Just type in the words you want to review, make audio recordings of the words in SpellQuizzer, and let the software practice the words with the student. You can also download any or all of our free spelling lists to use with SpellQuizzer.

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