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"My daughter took 1st place in our county's 35th annual Spelling Bee with over 4,100 participants! She couldn't have done it without SpellQuizzer!"
- Julieanne M.

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Improve your child's spelling

• Make spelling practice easy

• See A+ spelling test results!

The SpellQuizzer spelling software automates the chore of spelling practice making it fun for the student and removing the struggle that parents experience getting their children to practice their spelling. We guarantee that SpellQuizzer will improve your child's spelling test scores! With SpellQuizzer, the parent, teacher or student can create their weekly spelling lists, complete with audio recordings for prompting. Once a list is created in SpellQuizzer, practicing spelling words is a breeze.
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SpellQuizzer plays back the recorded words, waits for the student to type in the correct spelling, and lets the student know how he or she did. Click here to try SpellQuizzer FREE!

End the nightly spelling practice battles

Getting a child to practice his spelling words can be a struggle. When done manually, it's a slow and tedious process for him as well as for you. SpellQuizzer makes it fun and easy. You'll no longer have to struggle to get your child to sit still while you go over his spelling words with him. With SpellQuizzer, students can enjoy practicing their spelling words. SpellQuizzer takes the fight out of the equation.

How the SpellQuizzer spelling software works

Using SpellQuizzer, you can enter the child's weekly spelling list and make audio recordings of the words in the list. The software then quizzes the child, playing each word back to him one at a time, checking his spelling as he types in the words. SpellQuizzer corrects him when he types in a word incorrectly and re-quizzes him on any words he missed once the first pass is completed. Just set up the child's list on Monday, and have him spend no more than five to ten minutes a day letting SpellQuizzer quiz him. By the end of the week he will be ready for his Friday spelling test at school. SpellQuizzer is also ideal for spelling bee preparation.

Spelling software vs. traditional spelling practice

Spelling software helps students learn their spelling lists more quickly than traditional manual practice, such as writing down words by hand, because it is less of a chore for the child. Children today associate computers with fun and writing on paper with work. As such, they are more eager to practice their spelling words using spelling software like SpellQuizzer, than the old way of practicing where they sit at a table writing down their words over and over again. You can make spelling practice even more fun for the student by recording amusing sentences in the spelling software, or using a funny voice when you record your spelling lists.

Easy to use Spelling Software

SpellQuizzer main screen - click to see all screen shots.
SpellQuizzer is the easiest to use spelling software made. You can get started using the SpellQuizzer spelling program in minutes. SpellQuizzer's main screen has just six buttons on it with each button corresponding to a main task. To create a spelling list just click the "Create a spelling list" button on the main screen and follow the prompts that are displayed. You can see how easy it is by viewing our online video demonstration here.

SpellQuizzer is even easier to use for the child. The student simply clicks the "Quiz me on a list!" button on the spelling software's main screen to have SpellQuizzer help him or her practice with a spelling list. SpellQuizzer then displays the available spelling lists to be quizzed on and begins quizzing the student on the list they choose. You can see a video demonstration of this here.

Sharing your spelling lists with others is easy using SpellQuizzer's Export feature. Simply click the "Export spelling lists" button on the main screen and follow the prompts. You can see a video demonstration of how to share a spelling list with other SpellQuizzer users here.

You may find other spelling software products but you won't find any other spelling program that lets you create your own custom lists tailored to your student's needs with such ease. SpellQuizzer works with virtually any spelling curriculum and guarantees improvement for your child.